E-commerce Conditions


Valid from 1.1.2016


General online store

E-commerce products are sold by SAR-Machine Oy, Business ID 0477395-9. We sell our products to companies and adult individuals in Finland. All prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and postage law.


How to order

Buy or subscribe to the SAR-Machine Oy's online store does not require registration.

If you are already our customer, but you have not shopped online store, visit and signing up to then please contact us, then added to customer billing and the possibility of terms of payment as before.

Customer agrees to maintain and to use their usernames so that outsiders are not allowed by codes. If the username or the password is forgotten, please contact us by e-mail info@sar-machine.fi. The Customer agrees with every order terms of delivery valid.


Payment options

Products and their postage are paid in connection with the order (except the registered billing customers). The online store can be paid to the following payment methods: Nordea, OP Bank Group, Danske Bank, Middle Tapiola, Aktia, Noah, local cooperative banks, savings banks, Handelsbanken, S-Bank, the Bank of Åland, as well as debit cards. Payment occurs Corporation Paytrail using the website.

Payment Service Provider

*** Payment methods offered by Klarna to consumers:

The payment options offered by Klarna are displayed in the Klarna Checkout service. The payment options currently available at Klarna Checkout are invoice, overdraft, card payment, or direct payment via bank. After the customer enters the payment information into the Checkout service, the payment methods that are possible for the customer remain. The default payment option is always an invoice whenever possible. The customer can easily change the payment method to, for example, a card or online banking payment after pressing the "BUY" button, if these options were not originally available. If the customer does not enter the personal identity number in the system, then only card payment and online banking payment are possible.

It is possible for the customer to pay with debit and credit cards of all Finnish banks and in the online banking of the following banks: S-bank, Aktia, Danske Bank, Osuuspankki, Nordea and Säästöpankki. In connection with the card payment, the customer must provide the card number, the card's expiry date, CVC code and, when paying with some cards, also the 3D secure code. In addition, the customer's bank may require separate authentication in online banking with online banking IDs. Please also make sure that you have activated the online payment feature of your card in your online bank before making the payment.

Debit / Credit card You can pay with Debit / Credit combination cards and Visa Electron cards. Paying with a debit card is easier, faster and more secure than with online banking. You do not need separate IDs but only the card itself. If the payment goes from a debit card, it will be debited directly from your account in the same way. Because your credit card company guarantees debit / credit combination card payments, it is a safer option for you. In case of problems, you will always get your money back from the credit card company if the purchase was made from a European online store. With a debit or debit card to choose from, you can pay for online purchases directly from an account or from a credit account linked to the card. When paying with a credit card, the card number is a series of 16 characters long on the front of the card. The 3-character check digit used in online payment, i.e. the CVV2 number, can be found on the back of the card on the right side of the signature area. When paying by debit or credit / debit card, debit feature found on the reverse side of the bottom left of the number series, is used. The first 16 digits serve as the card number and the last three digits act as a check digit. Visa Electron You can also pay with a Visa Electron card if you have activated the online payment feature of your Electron card in your online bank. When you place an order, you will be directed to your bank's secure verification service, where your purchase will be verified with online banking hours (Verified by Visa). Credit card We accept all Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Online banking payment You can pay for your order directly with your bank ID using Klarna.


We offer the possibility to pay for purchases by invoice or flexibly in several installments. If the customer chooses the invoice as the payment method, it will be sent to the customer by e-mail at the same time as the order leaves our warehouse. The payment period for the invoice is 30 days from the dispatch of the order and there is no additional charge for the invoice. If payment is delayed, a reminder fee of five (5) euros and default interest will be added to the invoice.


Installment payment

The invoice can also be paid in 3-36 month installments. The invoice can also be paid at your own pace, in which case the customer can decide the amount to be paid monthly (however, at least nine (9) euros). The monthly cost is known, as is when the full amount was paid. In addition, all purchases that are paid at your own pace with a flexible installment payment are combined into a convenient monthly invoice. The monthly invoice gives you a good overview of your own situation and everything can be paid with only one invoicing fee.


Klarna payment time campaigns

From time to time, Klarna offers our customers various payment time promotions. The customer must meet Klarna's credit terms in order to choose a campaign fee.


*** Payment methods offered by Klarna for companies:

Klarna offers companies the opportunity to pay by card, online banking and invoice. Please note that when ordering by invoice, the order must be placed at the address where the company is registered, ie the billing and delivery address must be the same. For more information on the terms of corporate payments, contact Klarna Customer Service.


If you have any questions regarding the payment of orders, please contact Klarna's customer service at https://www.klarna.com/fi/asiakaspalvelu/

Customer service sheet 9-18 tel. 09 - 425 99 771

Chat 24/7


Delivery time

We ship products every working day. Generally, delivery time is 1-5 working days. Otherwise, we aim to inform the customer as quickly as possible delays.


Delivery method and shipping costs

Shipping charges include postage and packaging costs. You can look at the shipping costs after selecting a shopping cart payment and delivery method. We deliver orders and mail a package, just the package can monitor the transmission symbol.

The options include mail at 14.00 or 16.00 Packages and small parcel, as well as through a mobile service bus package, the package division or near the package. Products can also be picked up at our movement Anttilantie 1, Eura. Larger shipments are handled Kaukokiito and PostNord.


Obvious price errors

SAR-Machine Ltd reserves the right to cancel an order of clear price errors. In plain error value means a potential error in pricing of the product online store so that the price of the product differs significantly from the correct price of the product. In such cases, an incorrect price is so clearly differs from the correct price that the customer is deemed to understand inaccuracy.

Verification of manufactured products

Delivery after receiving the customer must immediately check the condition and correctness of products supplied, as well as ensure that the delivery includes all of the ordered products.


Supplied with broken transmissions

Unfortunately, despite careful packing Courier, or Mail Kaukokiito always fail to carry packages intact striker. This is why it is good already pick up the consignment check the condition of the package and any damage to the package.

If an item is damaged for transport of mail, do IMMEDIATELY damage report to transport company (Matkahuolto if so).

Please also contact the seller, so we agreed on a new product delivery. Please include the delivery always on the broken product. All orders applies returned within 14 days according to the Consumer Protection Act sealed packagings.


Exchanges and Returns

The customer is entitled to cancel the order or part of it within 14 days of receipt of the product in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. Returned products must be totally unused and unopened. If the customer wants to return a product, he is always first need to contact the seller by sending an email to info@sar-machine.fi in order to agree to organize the return. right of return under the Consumer Protection Act is met through mail order, where the customer has not had a chance to advance to explore the product. Return Policy does not apply to etätilauksissa, where the product is picked up from the store.

Returns of faultless goods are primarily at the customer's expense and responsibility and only through MATKAHUOLTO, not by post.

Return address:

SAR-Machine Oy

Anttilantie 1
27510 Eura

Tel. 044 565 1789